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On International Day for Women in Maritime

Today is International Day for Women in Maritime. Maritime SheEO's diversity magazine -  SHE of Change, has released its special 13th edition for the day. My poem dedicated to my late husband Captain Dick Gandy on his first death anniversary is published in the POET’S CORNER of the journal.


Six years ago, I knew nothing about maritime industry. Today I am feeling blessed to be a part of maritime community. I am very grateful to all the people who have helped me in my journey as a publisher of the Australian Boating Manual authored by Captain Dick Gandy. I have learnt a lot about maritime industry and have met many inspiring and amazing women in maritime. Today I'd especially thank Captain Jeanine Drummond - Director of Integral Maritime, Jillian Carson-Jackson – Director of JCJ Consulting and Lindsay Reed – Publisher of Daily Cargo News (DCN), who have given me support and guidance and helped me to understand and connect with maritime industry.

Here is the poem published in the magazine:

We didn’t say goodbye

By Jing Gandy on 26th Feb. 2019

You sailed away a year ago today

A peaceful smile on your face

Then faded away in the infinite ocean

We didn’t say goodbye

You said you would be there waiting for me

I don’t believe in God

But I believe what you said is true

When my darkest hour came

I wrapped your clothes into a shoulder to cry on

I don’t reckon on Paradise

Yet the little angel you’ve left for me is real

There’s time I was falling falling into a deep dark hole

I don’t expect miracles

Somehow your spirit holds me up like invisible wings

A year ago today you sailed away

Your infectious smile gleaming through my tears

We didn’t say goodbye

You are always with me in my heart

And here I am, in the weeping of the rain, writing the words we didn’t get to say

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This is another wonderful blog. Keep them coming!

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Thanks Phil for showing me how to blog:-)

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