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Jing Gandy


After more than five years working on this 6th edition of the Australian Boating Manual, I could not possibly come up with a full list of all the people who have helped me on this journey.

The new edition again reflects the Australian spirit of generosity across the maritime community. I am deeply touched and humbled by the enormous support and help I have received from many highly respected maritime masters and experts. I am very grateful.

Special acknowledgments go to Malcolm Goodfellow for his clear-sighted review of several of the navigation chapters, Hugh Grantham for a complete rewrite of the first aid section, Robert McManamon and Sanjiv Bhatia for their depth of knowledge and guidance on all matters regarding communication, Andre Bezkorovainy for stability and fire prevention, Ross Mitchell for sharing his shipwright and boat building expertise, Kendall Carter for Work, Health and Safety and the Model Laws, Kenn Batt again for his superb updates from the Bureau of Meteorology, and Chris Ha for his sound direction and for sharing his very recent experiences with the MAR Maritime Training Package changes. They have given generously their knowledge and time.

Most of the people above, I have never met in person. They have true passion. They are the backbone of our maritime industry. Thank you for your great contributions. You are my heroes.

I also wish to acknowledge valuable advice and support from Travis Henson, William Johnston, Wayne Stevens, Steven Mitchell, Jeanine Drummond, Jillian Carson-Jackson, Graham Forsaith, Richard Teo, Ian Morrow, Ian Anderson, Phillip Anderson, Robert Webber, Russell Hansen, Chris Bell and volunteers from Marine Rescue NSW, the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, and Volunteer Marine Rescue Queensland.

The 6th Edition has been endorsed with enthusiasm by Neil Patchett, Boating Industry Association and with equal passion by Alex Barrell, Marine Rescue NSW. Thank you both. And I am equally grateful for the past endorsements from John Anderson, Don McKenzie, Alastair Mitchell, Phil Jones, Chris Gillett, Roy Privett and the late Keith Jenkins.

Ross Carey, who designed the first edition cover back in 1996 and every cover since then, has created a very personal design for this edition – a tribute to my Captain Dick Gandy. Dick would have loved it and given his tick of approval.

For past contributions, on behalf of Dick as well, we remain indebted to GME Australia and ACR Electronics, Jastram Engineering, OzeFridge, Manson Anchors, Volvo Penta, Detroit Diesel, Muir Windlasses, Yamaha Motors, Energy Power Systems, Kinnears Pty Ltd., Australia-wide Solar, RFI Industries (now Compliance Engineering), Lowrance Electronics, Russell Muller, Hood Sailmakers, RFD Australia and Pains-Wessex.

The book continues to enjoy the benefit of the vast depth of knowledge of Russell Vasey, Alan Barringham, Bill Ardus, John Richardson, David Duff, Des Highfield, Steve Mitchell, Ken D’Cruz, late Sigi Veldhuyzen, Peter Irvin, Ravi Nijjer, Martin Phillips, Peter Mckie, John Banky, Allan Leslie, Chris Heeks, Michael Scott, Vic Goy, Claire Cashion and Adam Evans. Also thank you Mike Boadle and Richard Lloyd for pointing out typos, Gary Voss for contacting us for errors found in Q&A.

Bringing to fruition this sixth edition has been a very personal journey since my late husband, Captain Dick Gandy, died in 2018. My desire to keep his legacy alive has sustained me through the huge void and unbearable loss.

Finally, yet importantly I’d like to extend my very special thanks to David Hunter. As chief editor David’s tasks were numerous, from reviewing and updating, where needed, every page in every chapter, coordinating inputs from editorial consultants, providing sage advice where needed, and emotional support and friendship in times of difficulty. The 6th edition could not have become a reality without David’s high standard of professionalism and unwavering support. Thank you, David.


Forever maritime’s breeze upon one’s face, helm in hand, gaze with fervour for’ard fixed making fair wind homeward.

With seas following, one’s legacy endures.

Highly Recommended By

Australian Sailing
Boating Industry Association
Marine Rescue New South Wales
Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association
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