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Australian Boating Manual

The first edition of the Australian Boating Manual was published in 1996. Author, Captain Dick Gandy, is one of Australia’s most highly qualified and respected ocean-going master mariners. Since teaching at TAFE in 1984, Captain Gandy trained more than four thousand recreational and commercial boating enthusiasts from all over Australia. In 2005, he was made an Honorary Commodore of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association. Over the years, Captain Gandy continued updating the boating manual and published the Fifth Edition in 2015 before he passed away in 2018. His wife, Jing Gandy, continues to publish his books to keep his legacy alive.


First Edition

Second Edition

Third Edition

Fourth Edition

Commemorative Edition

Fifth Edition

Sixth Edition

This Sixth Edition of the Australian Boating Manual has arisen mainly due to updates in National Law Marine Orders, State boating safety requirements, the revision of Maritime Training Course details and introduction of master <45m.


The WHS chapters have also received major revisions, particularly WHS - First Aid.

Many new links to referenced sources have been added; in the e-book these links are live.

This sixth boating book reflects the culmination of decades of sea experience, teaching, expert consultations and research into hundreds of books, journals, manuals and technical papers from all over the world. In this edition the reliance on these experts has been necessarily broadened.

Every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of information. However, the author, compiler and publisher disclaim any responsibility for any error and/or omissions in the work, or ordinance changes subsequent to publication.

The medical advice and procedures outlined in this book should not be taken without first consulting a doctor or a trained paramedic. The Commonwealth, States and Territories publications and regulations are also always being updated. References made to such information throughout this book must therefore be treated with caution.

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