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My Maritime Hero - Chief Editor David Hunter

Updated: Apr 11

David Hunter, the chief editor of the sixth edition of the Australian Boating Manual, was recommended to me by Kendall Carter who is the former Secretary of the Nautical Institute, South East Australia Branch.

At the time, I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety. I managed to contact David by email in February 2022, but couldn't meet him in person until July of that year. I wasn't functioning at all during this period and could not even pick up the phone to call him. When I approached David and asked him to meet after almost six months without a word from me, he said “yes”. I felt so relieved!

It turned out that David was the perfect person to be the new edition’s chief editor. His tasks were numerous, from reviewing and updating, where needed, every page in every chapter, coordinating inputs from editorial consultants, providing sage advice where needed, and emotional support and friendship in times of difficulty, as I was still recovering from major depression.

This new edition project was really overwhelming for me. David always went the extra mile to do each and every task. Whenever I consulted him, he always answered me in great depth and exceeded my expectations. David is a highly respected and outstanding maritime veteran, and this sixth edition would not have become a reality without his high standard of professionalism and unwavering support.


David went to school in Bathurst NSW before joining the Royal Australian Navy. He served in 18 ships, was a flag lieutenant to an Admiral, and commanded an ANZAC Class frigate. A navigator and naval marine pilot by trade, he attained the highest naval navigation qualification and was later the head instructor of that course. He was also appointed on exchange to the Royal Navy for two years to instruct navigation and leadership to NATO navy command teams.


Following his career in the Navy, David worked for the NSW Government, firstly with NSW Maritime and then Transport for NSW. Early in this period he managed the NSW regional ports before becoming the ports and shipping safety regulator for the major ports, the General Manager Operations for NSW Maritime on water activity and eventually General Manager Policy.


Since 2021 David has been an independent consultant. While his career is still maturing, he has written policies for several state maritime regulators, reports for private companies, performed research and written reports for port authorities, and edited the new 6th Edition of the Australian Boating Manual.

David holds a Master of Public Administration and Bachelor of Science, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has been awarded a Conspicuous Service Cross. He enjoys boating, sport and writing, is married with three children and lives in Sydney.

Photo image provided by David Hunter

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Great work, Jing and David.

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