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My Maritime Hero - Ross Mitchell (Marine Craftsman)

Although I didn’t have the chance to meet Ross Mitchell in person, after some email exchanges with him I knew he would be a perfect person to review and update the chapters related to boat maintenance and seamanship. Thanks to Robert Webber for recommending Ross to me.


Ross Mitchell grew up surfing on Sydney’s northern beaches and qualified as a Shipwright in 1976. With extensive experience in aluminium yachts, general maintenance / repair, timber boat building, Naval shipbuilding, and composite materials. Ross takes pride in his workmanship and a job well done.


Awarded a Diploma in Education, and a Diploma of Training and Assessment Systems, he became Head teacher of Ship and Boatbuilding at the Hunter Institute of Technology, two years later, in 2002. A lifelong learner, Ross also has a Diploma in Engineering, and is qualified as an Internal Auditor for ISO 9001:2015.


A talented educational resources developer, Ross understands the needs of industry and his students.  He is still in demand to deliver workplace training in Marine Craft Construction and Composite Materials and is never far from the coalface maintaining his trade skills renovating period homes and regular hands-on industry projects. 


Photo image provided by Ross Mitchell.

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